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Connects to Accounts Payable Platforms

Connect your suppliers to the platforms their buyers use to send electronic payments.

  • Receive payment details the moment they are approved in an accounts payable system
  • Provide detailed remittance to suppliers as data is captured directly from the source
  • Customer satisfaction improves as buyers and supplier can use preferred systems to connect

BPN Adapts to Your Platform

BPN will deliver payments and remittance to your platform based on your preference.

  • Payments from BPN can be presented to suppliers within your platform
  • Remittance can also be delivered directly to your suppliers
  • New revenue opportunities derived from incremental payment volume

“BPN is designed to close the loop on the electronic payment cycle in a more transparent and secure way to more closely replicate the way consumers today pay and get paid, quickly, simply and seamlessly. Creating this type of customer experience in the B2B space is extremely important to us and the industry.”

— Flint Lane, CEO, Billtrust

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