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Receivables & Acquiring


Ushering in a new era of digital payments between buyers and suppliers by connecting all payables and receivables platforms through the power of BPN.

Complete Connectivity

Reduce inefficiencies by connecting buyers and suppliers across payment channels.

  • Access a broad directory of suppliers
  • Pay suppliers based on their preferences
  • Receive prompt confirmation of acceptance

Easily Accessible without IT Changes

BPN can transform payments received by payables platforms.

  • Send and receive payments without interrupting existing process flows
  • Retain current processes while reducing manual inefficiencies
  • Automate for a truly touchless transaction

“As businesses evolve, digital payments will play an increasingly important role in B2B commerce. Collaborating with Billtrust on the Business Payments Network will allow us to improve the experience for suppliers on the receiving end of the payment, while enabling our financial institution clients to streamline the B2B payments process for their corporate customers and provide a better way for buyers and suppliers to realize the benefits that digital payments provide.”

— Kevin Phalen, Global Head, Visa Business Solutions

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